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The Simple Plan:

Powerful Data + Target Marketing

Targeted Distressed Seller Lists

Generate highly targeted lists of properties that meet your investment strategy.

Nationwide Property Search

Smart search for any property address and unlock a wealth of detailed information.

Comparable Home Sales

Generate comps from MLS sales and county recordings for the most current data.

The Industry Is Raving About FlipMoreHouses... Why?

FlipMoreHouses will help your business win the race for converting high-quality leads by combining marketing automation with our targeted lists and pipeline intelligence.

Reach more leads, book more meetings, and

close more deals with less work.

Explore How We Automate Your Qualified Leads.

FlipMoreHouses is the only professional tool that gives you the data software and analytics to solve real-world problems across the entire country!

  • Over 100+ targeting criteria to find and

    create lists of prospects

  • Comprehensive data and context

    delivering insights 

  • Visualize where your customers are

    and analyze your market

  • Find your next customer before they even know they’re in the market

Dynamic List Updating

Have you ever sent out a mailing and you got 20%-30% of the postcards/yellow letters back because the DATA SUCKED?


We used data from other providers and spent buckets of cash just to get RETURN TO SENDER/ NO SUCH ADDRESS/ UNABLE TO FORWARD! Other companies have data that's 90 to 120 days old, because it costs so darn much to keep fresh lists....UNTIL NOW!


FlipMoreHouses dynamically updates data as soon as it's changed in county records, so that you can send mailers with confidence and NEVER EXPERIENCE BAD DATA AGAIN!



REIAutomator generates INSTANT comps from multiple MLS' allowing you access To the most current and accurate analysis available.



REIAutomator helps To estimate Your REAL REHAB COSTS, Ensuring Your Investment Is Protected & Supported By Real Time Data From FlipMoreHomes



Customize and send postcards and even send voicemails directly to your prospects cell phones without ringing their phone!



Stay in touch with every prospect using our "CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE"
strategy to instantly boost your business solution here.

Here Are Just A Few Features That Are Included:

Dynamic List Updating

Nationwide MLS Access

Deal Analyzer 

Push Button Direct Mail

Virtual Invest

Email Marketing

List Stacking

Highly Targeted Marketing Lists

Localized Rehab Estimator

Instant Comps

Detailed Analytics

Website Landing Pages

Learn why the top real estate professionals use FlipMoreHouses

Intelligent, Real Time, Nationwide SEARCH

Boost production through increased efficiency and fewer missed opportunities.


Easily & Instantly Deploy marketing directly to your prospects with FlipMoreHouses' built-in Multi media marketing features!


Use FlipMoreHouses' built-in step-by-step Analysis Wizard to calculate the purchase, 

mortgage, income, expenses,

 and Price of a property.

FlipMoreHouses is the software you need to fuel your businesses growth.

COMPS...Quick, In One Place

Start having deeper insights, and give your customers what

they want by learning exactly what they do (and don’t do).


FlipMorehouses will help estimate real rehab costs before purchasing a property or hiring a service provider. Don't go blindly into any investment rehab ever again.


Find owner information and use FlipMoreHouses' built-in marketing features to quickly deliver voicemails, postcards, emails and online ads directly to your prospects.

Powerful and easy targeting for your businesses.

Your Market, Perfectly

Boost production through increased efficiency and fewer missed opportunities. Get alerts automatically anytime a new lead fits your criteria set. Choose numerous property types such as MLS expired and failed listings, pre-foreclosures, involuntary liens, cash buyers, high equity, bankruptcy, divorce, and more. Then combine your search with hundreds of filter options to drill down even further.

Here's What's Inside...

1. Wholesaling Houses 101
2. Who Sells Houses at 40% Below Market?
3. How To Find The Perfect Motivated Seller Avatar
4. How To Attract The Motivated Seller Avatar
5. How To Get Your Contract Signed
6. How to Open Escrow
7. How To Sell Property Lightning Fast
8. How To Get $5K+ Check in 45 Days or Less

Unlimited Email Access To A 5-star Apple Like Support Team

Any roadblocks you run into… removed FOR you… because the answers you seek

are always easily accessible. ($697 Bonus)

Get Instant Access To Our 5-Star Quality, Hi-Definition Education Platform

World Class Customer Service

Need help with your order? Are you having trouble getting set up? Don't worry...we're here to help take care of your support needs while you go out and get those new deals closed! We can't wait to assist you!

Optimized For Your Mobile Device

Completing your modules is simple on your Apple or Android device. Switching between your desktop, phone, or tablet has never been easier!

A Lifetime Product

With your membership, you have LIFETIME ACCESS so that you can learn and implement at your own pace...even years from now!

Designed for Busy People

We designed this course with people that have super busy schedules in mind.  We have short and easy to understand video lessons, so You get to learn at your own pace. Spend 15 minutes here or there while on your lunch break, or even while on the treadmill. It's totally up to you!

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